Gegereka Questions


What is the difference between Gegereka search and, for example, Google or AltaVista search?
Gegereka provides an object search, but Google and all the similar systems – context search. It means that if you want to find a film, a song, a font file, or a library, and you enter the corresponding search request in Google, you’ll get the list of the web-pages, where the needed item is mentioned, but you won’t get the file itself, until you find the direct link to Download. (Unfortunately in most cases you will not get the file itself.) However, if you input a request in Gegereka, you’ll get the file at once. (Example: Try to input “mp3” in Google; as a result you’ll see a list of web-sites, offering their services, but not a single song or audio-book. Input “mp3” in Gegereka and you’ll get a lot of mp3 files. It’s true for all the other requests).

I’ve found what I needed, but when I clicked on the file link I couldn't download it. Are there any other ways to get this file?
Yes. You can enter the server containing the file, go along file's path (folder1/folder2/folder3/) and try to save it directly from folder.

I’ve found what I needed, but I cannot download it. I tried to enter the server, containing the file, but a password was required.
Some file storages are open for content browsing, but close for content access. Forget this FTP, you’ll find another suitable server for sure.

Yesterday I found an interesting server, but today I cannot enter this server any more. Why?
FTP servers, in contrast with web servers, are not steady. Sometimes they are open only for one day, for example, for exchanging information. It also happens that a FTP server owner doesn’t want to share the information with the whole world; in this case he can close the access to it. Don’t be upset if you come across this situation – Gegereka finds millions of new files every day, and a lot of other servers will be open for you.

Can I see the file size before downloading?
Yes, it’s simple. Open the server, containing the file, go along file path (folder1/folder2/folder3/) and you’ll see its size.

Yesterday I found the needed FTP server, and it was situated on the 1st page; but today there’s no such server in the list any more. Why?
The information is updated weekly. That is why the results are often new. The wanted FTP server can be moved to next pages because of index updating.

I wonder where Gegereka searches.
Gegereka searches all around the Internet. There are no boundaries for Gegereka.

There’s an FTP server in my net, but Gegereka doesn’t see it. Why?
You must see the difference between the Internet and the Intranet. If you are sure, that the mentioned FTP server is situated in the Internet (not in the Intranet), e-mail about it to

Can I add my FTP server to Gegereka database manually?
Simple type FTP's IP at Gegereka main page.